One of the best methods to boost productivity, decrease costs, and boost growth is to augment your workforce by establishing an off-shore team comprised of specialists from the Philippines. The management of an off-shore team it’s not always easy. Here are ten suggestions to aid you in getting the most from your offshore team.

Treat your employees working offshore like a member of the team

The most effective way to incorporate your off-shore employees will be to treat them the same as your employees onshore. For instance, invite them to attend meetings and include them in announcements for the company. It’s because even though they are employed by Addmore Outsourcing, your full-time offshore team is completely dedicated to your company.

Meet them in person

Don’t treat off-shore employees as if they were a part of your team. Instead, you should get to know them as you would with your on-shore team. Learn about their families and hobbies, their goals, and the things they do to unwind and have fun. The more you know about your offshore team, the more integrated they will be and the greater your profits.

Learn more about the Philippines’ culture

Knowing the Filipino culture is essential to unlocking the potential of Filipinos. For instance, it’s essential to understand that while the majority of Filipinos are fluent in English but they may not always comprehend slang phrases. Additionally, the majority of Filipinos are Catholic and therefore prefer working on Sundays or Christian holidays. Some may also have to travel between two and three hours using non-dependable public transportation to arrive at their workplace, so it’s acceptable to be just a couple of minutes late.

Connect daily with your offshore team

Designate a staff member from the local area to stay in contact with your off-shore team on a daily basis. This ensures that issues won’t be missed and everybody is all on the same level.

Find your onshore team on the side

If your employees onshore aren’t afraid of your offshore team but understand they’re there to assist their fellow employees (not to replace them) the performance of everyone increases.

Visit your off-shore staff from the Philippines

Integration becomes much easier by attending meetings for team bonding or training with your offshore team. To help group bonding Outsourcing Company in Philippines welcomes clients to participate in monthly team activities where they can meet and meet the members of their Filipino team. Our clients visit us throughout the year, while they travel across the Philippines!

Do not underpay your offshore team

Although the salaries in the Philippines average 75% of your offshore team, you do get the value you get for your money! So, don’t settle for the lowest-cost employees, but instead, choose the top candidates that you can afford.

Choose a local Filipino team leader

If you make sure that your initial recruits are a leader they could help develop your off-shore team to help overcome the cultural differences. They could be accountable to train, leading, and directing your off-shore team’s activities as well as being your primary person of contact.

Create clear processes and systems

If you can train your offshore team properly it will be less likely to have mistakes or miscommunications in the future. Create clear procedures and systems, as well as an entire set of training materials that will lead you to success.

Gratitude for the entire team

Treat your off-shore team the same way you would your on-shore staff by providing positive feedback and encouragement that fosters a positive working relationship and increases productivity. The link between your team members can be forged and their dedication to your company can be increased with just a simple “Thank You.”

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